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Store Policy

We’d like to welcome you to our site, and invite you to feel comfortable shopping around for whatever items you may be interested in. Please understand that we have a no return policy and all sales are final. Our shipping times are between 2-7 Business Days (Monday-Friday, excluding Holidays). 

Our Promise

Our goal is to promote natural paraben free products that helps your skin feel healthy look clear and allows you to “Be Konscious”on a daily basis, our products touch every angle of a routine hygiene check and can help you stay cleansed from the inside out  without ANY DOUBT we stand on quality, and handcraft every product with passion,love, and dedication hopeing our customers feel better and better each time they apply whatever specific product they may choose.

Why CBD?

CBD supports heart health, relaxes you and helps maintain the best sleeping patterns. It also, alleviates certain cancerous related challenges, reduces symptoms to certain mental health disorders (anxiety, depression, PTSD, ADHD, etc.). Reduces Inflammation and joint pains and is ONE OF THE BEST solutions for calming Eczema. CBD ultimately helps you live a happier, healthier life!


Why our company?

We take pride in our products, as well as the quality ingredients it took to put them together. Unlike a lot of other companies our CBD source happens to be great friends of ours, is local for our company and creates some of the BEST ISOLATES in the world. It's actually an honor that we are able to see our isolates produced on site ensuring that we are getting the purest, uncut form of the powder possible allowing most people to validate our source as being one of the best around, ALL CBD is 100% pure and all ingredients 100% natural.

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